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Marketing and communication on a new level

ZIIRTO – A new level of logistics

A new level of communication. And of course in marketing and lead generation.

How to make internal warehouse logistics an interesting topic? That's the puzzle that Ziirto approached us with. And at the same time, how to attract attention in the target group, i.e. among the people responsible for the company's internal logistics.

Internal logistics is an area of business that is rarely considered within the company, but with good planning and optimization it can have a huge impact on the company's results.

That's why we decided to change the perspective of communication from a typical engineer-minded product orientation to the benefits that the customer gets from Ziirto's services above all — better financial results.

On this basis, we sharpened the visual look of marketing, created a new tone-of-voice and key messages, did a comprehensive renewal of the website, as well as a targeted campaign that strictly addresses the target groups and generates leads – and with the help of artificial intelligence.