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Agile full-service partner.

Local & global

We have offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku just to be close to our customers. When dealing with international marketing projects, we operate with Salomaa Group’s global networks.

We help to find and communicate what is essential

Identifying what is essential always starts with understanding the business and their goals. Our experts have worked with hundreds of customers in dozens of different industries. We are used to familiarizing ourselves with assignments that some people might consider challenging to take on.

Award winning advertising

Kaski designers have been awarded in all the most important competitions in the field, both at home and abroad. We know that few of our clients’ goals include awards from the marketing industry, but we feel that such peer evaluations within the industry are a good measure of competence.

A full-service communications agency

Our services cover all aspects of brand design, marketing, commercial communication and content production. For many of our customers, we also build websites and social media channels and are responsible for keeping up and creating content. In addition, we also help clarify brand and marketing strategies. We are one-stop shop that prides itself on seamless and uncomplicated service.

Part of Salomaa group

Kaski Agency is part of Salomaa, Finland’s largest group of companies in the marketing industry. Salomaa’s other companies are SEK, Dagmar, Quru and RADLY. In Finland, all of Salomaa’s 400 professionals (and internationally Gray Global’s experts) are available to our customers, e.g., from the areas of customer experience, media, communication, analytics and research.